About Us

Our Approach

Blueberry Wealth Management pride ourselves on our ability to stand out from the crowd by providing a refreshingly different approach tailored to our clients needs and circumstances. 

Blueberry Wealth Management provides a highly individual service based on the highest possible standards which is delivered by highly qualified professionals who you can rely on and trust.  Their objective is to deliver expert financial advice on all aspects of financial planning designed to preserve and grow your wealth portfolio. 

Blueberry Wealth Management is committed to improving our client’s financial prosperity.

Knowing our clients

We understand that the better our understanding of your circumstances, the better the advice we can provide to you.  It is therefore no surprise that we have a genuine interest in getting to know our clients thereby enabling us to obtain a very comprehensive, transparent understanding of what is important to you.

From your initial meeting you will be speaking with one of our qualified professional advisers who will, from day one, act as your primary point of contact throughout your interaction with Blueberry Wealth Management.  Based entirely on your objectives, your attitude toward risk and your individual priorities, your adviser will design a holistic plan designed to deliver a financial solution that meets your overarching needs but that is flexible enough to adapt as your circumstances and life changes.

Long-term relationships

Blueberry Wealth Management prides itself on building enduring long-term relationships with our clients built on the highest standards of professionalism and focused on honesty, integrity and impartiality.

Our team of advisers take enormous pleasure and glean a great deal of personal pride in the service they provide to our clients.  With extensive experience in providing financial planning their goal is to provide a positive impact to our client’s lives by helping them fulfil their financial objectives.

No matter what aspect of financial planning you wish to focus upon, the Blueberry Wealth Management team can help you.

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