Estate Planning

There are not many of us who would want to be thinking about their mortality. 

Blueberry Wealth Management are here and able to guide you on how to structure your assets and your estate so that you can be confident that, when the time comes, your wealth is distributed to the right people at the right time in the most tax efficient manner possible.

Your legacy

Sadly, Inheritance Tax can represent a hefty and very unwelcome bill for your loved ones; but this bill could be avoided.  The right plan can maximise the amount of wealth which stays within your family upon your death. 

Having worked hard all your life you no doubt want to be sure that your wealth is passed on to the right people.  Our estate planning experts can identify solutions that match your circumstances and objectives.


Providing a holistic approach

Our team firmly believe in providing a holistic approach which is why our estate planning service plays a part of our overall approach to financial planning whereby we help you to live the life you choose while making sure plans are in place to ensure your assets are effectively transferred as per your wishes in the event of your death.

Our qualified professional advisers will undertake a comprehensive review of all your assets to produce a tailored plan for you.  Everybody is different so as with all aspects of financial planning we will take sufficient time to fully understand your objectives.  Any investment, retirement and protection recommendations will be structured utlising the most appropriate arrangements to suit your circumstances.



An appropriate Trust can help protect your assets for the benefit of your chosen Beneficiaries.  The right Trust can give you much greater control of what happens with your hard-earned wealth after you have passed away. 

A Trust can protect your assets and manage tax liabilities on behalf of the family and friends who are important to you.  Blueberry Wealth Management are here to lay out the very best options for you and your estate and to make sure that the right trust arrangements are recommended.

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