Power of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) allows you to appoint a trusted person (attorney), who is able to make decisions for you if you’re unable to do so.

Often due to illness, aging or other circumstances that have affected your mental capacity.

People arrange LPA’s to safeguard their future. Bringing peace of mind, knowing that regardless of what life brings, a reliable person is in your corner aligned with your preferences.

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Common questions answered

Can I Appoint My Spouse and Children as My Attorneys?

Yes, you absolutely can!

You can choose multiple attorneys, ensuring they're individuals you deeply trust.

When is the Right Time to Create a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)?

It is never too early to establish a LPA, do not put off until tomorrow, that which can be done today.

Preparing now ensures your wishes are respected, regardless of what the future brings.

When Does My LPA Become Effective?

A financial LPA can be used immediately after registration with the Office of the Public Guardian, while a Health & Welfare LPA is only activated if you lose mental capacity.

Can I Change My Mind About an LPA?

Yes, you can revoke your LPA whenever you want, provided you possess the mental capacity to make that decision.

Does My LPA Remain Valid After I Pass Away?

No, LPA’s are only valid during your lifetime.

Will I Lose Control Over My Finances with a Property and Financial Affairs LPA?

No, creating a LPA does not relinquish control.

You can choose when your attorneys assist you and retain full control as long as you're able.

What Decisions Can My Attorneys Make Regarding Finances?

Attorneys can manage your bank accounts, investments, business affairs, pay bills, and handle care fees, always prioritising your best interests.

Can My Attorneys Sell My Property?

Yes, if it's in your best interest, your attorneys can sell your property while always striving to support your decision-making.

Can the Same Attorneys Manage Both My Health and Finances?

Yes, they can.

You can appoint the same or a different attorney for your health & welfare and financial affairs.

What Health Decisions Are Covered by an LPA?

Your attorneys can decide on your care needs, treatments, residential arrangements and voice concerns about any inadequate care received.

Can't My Family Make Health Decisions for Me Without an LPA?

While family opinions are considered, medical professionals retain decision-making power without a LPA in place.

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