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Probate grants legal rights for the management of your assets after you pass away. Your appointed executors in your Will oversee this process.

If you don’t have a Will in place, it is intestate and can be more complex

At Soteria Planning we offer a full hand holding service guiding your loved ones through the process or a complete management of the administration taking all stress away where we can throughout the formalities of Probate.

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Common questions answered

When is Probate Granted?

Probate is granted after the applications forms, Will and death certificate are reviewed and approved by the probate registry.

Can Probate Fees be Paid via The Estate?

Yes, via the estate’s assets.

What Probate Records Are Public?

Once probate is granted, the Will and Grant of Representation become public records.

Can Probate be Fast Tracked?

It is not common, but in some urgent cases Probate can sometimes be expedited.

Who Grants Probate?

Probate is granted by the Probate Registry, a division of the court system.

Do You Always Need Probate?

The Executors named in the Will should start the probate process. If there is no Will in place then the next of kin can start it.

Who Should Start The Probate Process?

Yes and No.

This is one to talk to your Estate Planning Consultant about as it can be a complex answer.

Who Should I Make Executors?

Trustworthy, capable and ideally locally based people.

Family or trusted friends are typically selected.

What happens If there is no Will?

If there is no Will, the estate is distributed according to the rules of intestacy, with the closest relatives inheriting as the legal guidelines.

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