Financial Planning

Our remit is to help clients achieve their financial objectives.

Financial Planning with Blueberry Wealth
Our team understand how to assist clients build the right plan which is tailored to their priorities both now and in the future.

A client’s priorities can quite often change during time with commitments and responsibilities changing along the way.

Blueberry Wealth Management will work with you to ensure that you have the right plans in place to safeguard your financial future.

It’s all about you!

We are all unique and all have very different personal circumstances, which is why Blueberry Wealth Management adopt a holistic approach to all aspects of financial planning.

Our team firmly believe that they can only provide the very best financial planning advice once they have a full understanding of you as a client and truly understand your objectives. This will involve us determining with you what your personal and family aspirations are, your attitude toward risk and what you want your hard-earned money to do for you. Only after this in-depth analysis can an adviser tailor a financial plan designed with your long-term financial peace of mind firmly at the forefront.


Your priorities

Everybody has different priorities, so it is important that your adviser understands completely what is fundamental to you to ensure the right outcome.

Your priorities inevitably may include ensuring that your lifestyle is maintained, or you may aspire to improve upon it. Similarly, you may wish to retire early and want to ensure that your lifestyle is safeguarded or perhaps you wish to be able to fund further education for your children or grandchildren. You may wish to help those nearest and dearest to you with buying their first home or contribute toward their wedding; Blueberry Wealth Management can help you achieve your priorities by growing your wealth.

Whatever your priorities, careful planning will ensure your long-term objectives are met, which will enable you to look forward positively and with confidence to the future.


Delivering expectations

Our financial planning service enables us to manage all aspect of your financial planning and ensures that any recommendations are tailored to meet your objectives and your priorities.

Your adviser at Blueberry Wealth Management will build a tailored financial plan for both you and your family which will provide solutions that are not only realistic but can evolve as your priorities change over the years.

Our financial planning solutions can encompass investment advice and management, pension and retirement advice; long-term care planning and estate planning; in fact, all aspects of financial planning. Our adviser will work with you to put a strategy in place which means you are better prepared to look to the future with utmost confidence.

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