Investment Planning

Choosing the right investment or savings plan yourself can be very daunting; have you selected the right funds, are they too risky or are they perhaps not risky enough? 

It is very easy today to lose money by investing in poorly chosen products or funds which is why many of our clients have entrusted the administration of their investments to Blueberry Wealth Management.

You could consider yourself to be an experienced investor or similarly you could be considering investing for the first-time; regardless Blueberry Wealth Management can provide you with access to our extensive years of experience and our professional independent advice.  You can be assured that you will receive clarity and peace of mind quality advice.

Safeguarding your investment

One of the principal considerations for our advisers when providing advice on investments is to safeguard your money by ensuring they have a very clear understanding of your attitude toward investment risk. 

Blueberry Wealth Management’s team of advisers understand that everyone has a different view of what is or is not ‘risky’ – our advisers will tailor their investment advice to suit your attitude toward investment risk and will, on an ongoing basis, review this with you to ensure that, as and when things change, your funds change too.


Investment Portfolio

Your investment portfolio should mirror your attitude toward risk while reflecting your personal circumstances, your objectives and priorities as well as aiming to achieve your goals and aspirations.

Your adviser at Blueberry Wealth Management will apply their extensive understanding of the financial markets to the identify investment opportunities best suited to achieving your goals and to build an investment strategy that is tailored to you as an individual.

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