Pensions & Retirements

Planning effectively for your retirement has the power to provide you with financial freedom when you retire.

Blueberry Wealth Management provide everything you need to help you plan your finances before and during retirement.

Pension freedom has changed the face of retirement planning so when considering whether your arrangements are sufficient or how best to access them now or in the future can be daunting.  Our team of fully qualified advisers will always provide you with friendly and straightforward informed advice to enable you to make an informed decision.

Expert impartial advice

Peter Owen; the founder of Blueberry Wealth Management has provided retirement planning recommendations for four decades; Peter has the skills, knowledge and a consistent track record that you can rely upon to help you achieve your retirement objectives.

The Blueberry Wealth Management team can not only offer advice on setting up new pensions and building your retirement fund, but they are also capable of reviewing your existing arrangements to determine if they will provide you with the retirement lifestyle you desire.


Delivering expectations

Rest assured that the advice is always clear, simple and tailored to your needs and circumstances – in addition the team are completely independent – so impartiality is key to the recommendations they will make.

Blueberry Wealth Management will work with you to design a retirement plan tailored around your personal circumstances with your wellbeing firmly in mind for when you retire.

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